4 Ways To Swap Up That All White Bedding

The other day I was perusing Instagram and noticed that one of my favorite fellow instagrammers, @skaynedesigns, has been posting videos swapping up the bedding accessories on her all-white bed. It was amazing the impact these quick little swaps of throw pillows and blankets made to the overall look. It got me thinking… “ Could we go our entire lives with a white bedspread and ALWAYS have really awesome bedding?” I think the answer is YES! All it really takes is a fun oversized throw and one or 10 fabulous throw pillows and viola! Amazing bedding. Here are a few bedding styles to keep your white duvet fresh all decade long. Just remember to wash it or you can get a rash (which apparently happened to my husband when he was in college and decided not to wash his sheets for a semester…or so he says…)

Image via @skaynedesigns

Mixed and Eclectic

To get that jazzy eclectic look we all love, decide on a color palette before deciding on your pillows and throws. Layer different patterns and textures until the desired look is achieved. Keep in mind, you don’t have to stay 100% within the color palette, and interesting patterns will make the look even better. This can be one of the most difficult styles to pull off, so take your time and weigh your (pillow and throw) options.  Your pillows will look best when grouped in odd numbers. Also try and maintain symmetry so the look remains intentional and doesn’t become a confusing mess.

Image via Amy Bartlam; Design by Katie Hodges

Image via Luna Belle

Here are a few  go-to eclectic throw pillow options:


A single statement throw pillow and simple blanket at the end of the bed are all you need for this clean and modern look.

A statement pillow creates big impact while still maintaining a minimalist feel. Here are a few great pillow options that can hold their own with an otherwise white bed:


Incorporate soft textures, fluid patterns, and warm pastels into your bedding to get an ultra feminine look.

Image via Pinterest

Get the look with this crystal dandelion chandelier from Shades of Light:

Image via @bohobeachbungalow

Bedroom by Jennifer Robins Interiors – Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Colorful and Bohemian

if you’re like me and you want to feel super chill, relaxed and eternally happy even though you almost always feel like pulling your hair out (because life is way more stressful now than it was when you were 16), the colorful boho look is for you. The plethora of colors and feminine prints is fun and inviting which makes you feel great, and the boho vibe is super relaxing even when you aren’t. Win-win.


To get this timeless style, stick with solids and simple patterns.  Limit your color palette to neutrals with small pops of muted hues. Use natural materials like jute and cotton and a nuetral oversized throw at the end of the bed.

This room has a beautiful and simple coastal style

Image via Alyssa Rosenheck for Amanda Barnes Interiors

Get The look… All of these items can be found at Pottery Barn and CB2:



Image via Studio McGee

Here’s a classic combination with a modern edge, similar to the style above. These can be purchased at Pottery Barn and CB2.


I hope this was a helpful guide to updating your all-white bedding. I’m seriously tempted to do this myself as it’s so versatile. Have a happy weekend!


*Please note that this post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from items purchased through this post.

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