3 Throw Pillow Combinations That Will Change Your Life…Or at Least Your Home

I’m obsessed with throw pillows. So much so that I almost think they are the most integral part of a design. This is obviously not completely true, but they are 100% the cherry AND the sprinkles on top of the sofa, chair, bed, or anything else that might possibly require a pillow topping. Point is, pillows are important, and it’s so easy to just throw any ol’ pillow on your sofa or bed, because they can make decorating confusing. Fortunately, my guide to decorating with throw pillows will take that confusion away by giving you 3 go-to ways to get amazing throw pillow combinations that work every time.

I love this bohemian throw pillow combination

Image via Alyse Studios

But first, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

-Pillows usually look better when grouped in 3s and 5s.

-Consider the size. The largest pillows on your sofa should be about 20-22″ tall. The smaller ones can vary, but I usually recommend 18″ pillows. Oblong Pillows are also fun and a bit unexpected.

1. The clean and simple look

Photography: Michael Graydon. Image via House & Home February 2014.

This look is so easy to acheive. After choosing your color scheme, select a patterned pillow that suits the room and color scheme well. Then select a solid colored pillow that works well with the patterned pillow. It could be a color of a portion of the patterned pillow, or it can be completely different. Just play around until you find the right combination. Place one of each pillow on each side of the sofa, and add in an oblong pillow for additional interest.

I love this clean and simple look using one solid and one patterned pillow

Image via Studio McGee

Image via The Darling Detail

2. The monochromatic color scheme

Keep the color consistent, but layer textures and small pattterns. This doesn’t mean you have to keep the exact shade of grey (or whatever color you’re using) amongst your pillows. Vary it. This way your color scheme will remain monochromatic, with a bit more interest. In fact, you’ll notice that the image below shows a pretty monochromatic color scheme even though there are black and white pillows on the sofa. It’s kind of like using sky blue and navy pillows together. You’ll maintain a monochromatic feel, while keeping your pillow options open AND making your set up more exciting.

Get a monochromatic look by using different shades of the same hue

Image via Instagram via @my_full_house

Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck for Amanda Barnes Interiors

3.The bohemian, perfectly mismatched vibe

The best way to work with color and pattern is to layer them. A lot. I usually think it works best when each pillow has approximately the same visual weight. This essentially means that each pillow will attract the eye about as much as the others. Try and maintain at least a touch of symmetry among the pillows, and stay within your color scheme, even if the color scheme is pretty much every color of the rainbow

Image via Alyse Studios

Here are about a million (or maybe 30is) bohemian pillow options:

Image via Design sponge. PC Carley Summers


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