How Color Can Enhance Your Space AND Well Being

Color has a huge impact on the atmosphere in a space, so much so that there is an entire science behind it. It’s called color theory, and it’s seen constantly in our daily lives. Do you think its a coincidence that McDonald’s Golden Arches are yellow?  Or is it completely random that a stop sign is red? Or that Pottery Barn exudes the comforts created by soft warm neutrals? Colors trigger emotion all the time, so it’s really important that when we decorate our home, the colors we use lend to an atmosphere in which we can thrive. That being said, here’s how color can enhance your space and well being.

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The color green can create a calming and relaxing feeling in your home. It’s also connected with growth and renewal so it lends to a refreshing atmosphere. I love contrasting a deep lime green with bright coral, mixing a light soft shade of green with light warm neutrals, or painting an entire space in hunter green and balancing it with masculine touches and neutral hues for a sultry, old-world vibe.

Green Is calming and creates a sense of renewal

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Black is such a fun and versatile color to use in design, and, whether it’s used prominently or scarcely, it pretty much goes with everything. Black is elegant and sophisticated, but it’s also the boldest neutral shade you can use. Whether you’re painting an accent wall black, or incorporating a few black accessories, black in your design scheme is always a good idea.

Black is elegant and sophisticated

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Red is not typically one of my go-to colors, but it can be useful if you want to create a specific feeling in a space. Red adds a stimulating aspect to your design, but it can also indicate a threat. In fact, it has been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure. These are a few of the reasons I typically avoid red in my design. HOWEVER, it can add a really exciting element when done well. Some designers are just so darn talented (and into red) that they can make it look REALLY good. Here are some of my favorite red applications in design.

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The color red can signal an alarm or threat

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Despite the enormous love I have for the color pink, I don’t normally go into a design project thinking that I want to incorporate It throughout…except when it comes to my  own home. I’m obsessed with the color pink, especially a really soft blush pink or a super dark fuschia. Did I mention my husband loves our house? Pink is soothing, comfortable, and sweet. Especially a nice blush pink. I like to think the deeper shades of Fuschia create those same feelings, plus a little excitement and fun. I suppose this is why I gravitate toward these deep shades of pink. I mean, what’s better than sweet, exciting, and fun? It reminds me of going to a fun party in a pink dress. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. At least it doesnt for me.

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Image via Bête Abode


Blue is always a good choice for your space. It works with so many color schemes, plus It’s such a calming and serene hue. In fact, studies have shown the color blue is so calming, it may even help lower blood pressure. I love incorporating light dusty blue accents into an otherwise light and neutral color palette, especially in a home close to water. It creates such a nice beachy/nautical feel. Navy blue is also one of my go-tos. It is the perfect shade if you want to create a bold look, while maintaining a neutral and relaxing color scheme. Plus, if you want to get colorful, navy goes with just about anything.

Photo Credit: Carley Paige Summers via Domino Magazine

Purple lends to wealth and luxury, so if you want your home to have an extravagant and rich sort of feel, purple’s your hue.  I absolutely love using shades of purple in design. Lavender, when paired with soft grey accents is such a nice combination. Deep aubergine is an amazing warm neutral that can be paired with so many things. And finally, who isn’t into this years Pantone color of the year? It’s called ultra violet, and it’s out there, but it’s oh so pretty.

PC: Angus Fergusson via House & Home February 2016 Design by Allison Wilson, Sarah Richardson Design

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Well, that’s a wrap! Maybe it’s time to get wild with color…or eliminate color completely?? Either way, I hope you enjoyed it and were enlightened with some new design inspo. Have fun!




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