I have to tell you about my new favorite product…

You might ask yourself: “What are these pastel-colored, ice cream textured little tubs of godliness..?”

They are my newest obsession. Pacha Soap Company’s Whipped Soap Scrubs. Not only is this product amazing (I honestly think it’s the best body wash I’ve used), the company behind it is as well.

Do you know how using a body scrub is literally the most inconvenient thing you can possibly do in the shower? The only time I would ever consider using a scrub is if I’m taking an extra long shower. And when I  take an extra long shower I  will 100% be shaving my legs. That means that I’m going to burn the crap out of my legs with the scrub. BUT, Pacha Soap company has outdone themselves with this Whipped Soap Scrub. This product is the bomb. It’s a super thick combo between a soap and a scrub, and you can use it every single day. The beads are so gentle, and it leaves the lightest, most perfect scent on your skin. It also leaves your skin extra soft. I have the Honeysuckle Rose (I have a thing for rose products because my Grandma always smells like roses. So sweet and sappy, I know).  They also have scents like Coconut Papaya, Charcoal Lemongrass, French Lavender, and a few more which I either can’t remember or don’t feel like writing here. Lol.

I love the whipped soap scrub in Honeysuckle Rose

It’s a mix of a soap and a scrub and smells so good

Now to the important part: Like I said, this company is amazing as well. Pacha Soap Company’s products are free of parabens, harsh surfactants, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals and dyes. Every single purchase goes towards clean water initiatives and creating and running small-scale soap shops in developing countries. So with your purchase, you’re doing something good for yourself and for people around the world.

Give this product a try and let me know what you think. I bet you’ll be as obsessed as I am.







All images in this post are from Pacha Soap Company’s Instagram page.

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