How to Decorate an Instagram Worthy Console Table

Console tables are one of my favorite types of furniture because they serve as the basis for the decor on an otherwise empty space. The decor options are limitless, and they serve as an anchor for a fabulous piece of art or an entire gallery wall. Console table decor may seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty simple. Here are a few steps to getting that Instagram worthy console table you always dreamed of. Oh and forgive the fact that all these images are slightly angled. I’m being blocked by a wall!!

  1. Add the art. The art is the basis for the rest of the decor. I love highlighting my favorite artwork by placing it right over a console table. The table anchors the art just as a rug anchors the furniture in a room. Keep in mind that art doesn’t have to hang. It can be set on top of the table. Feel free to set up a gallery wall or hang a mirror or some other form of wall decor instead.

2. Add flat and long elements like books and trays. I typically place books on the center of a console and add height to the sides. However, this isn’t always the case. Once the decor is set up, you may choose to move it around until it feels just right.

3. Add some height. A console is a great place to add your favorite picture frames and vases. The height adds a new element of dimension to the console table decor.

4. Now that you have length and height, add in some interesting shapes. Also, top your books with small decorative items to make the smaller items a bit more prominent.

5. If you feel like adding a touch more, flank your table with some tall decor set on the floor or on the seat of a stool or chair. Here I used a giant pineapple I purchased yesterday from Homegoods, and a fabulous snake plant.

And that’s that! I had so much fun styling this shoot and I think you will too. Decorating consoles is so fun because the options are endless and if you screw it up, just rearrange.


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