Bold Bedroom Ideas Worthy of Stealing

You may have noticed that we’re really into drama over here, especially when it comes to our interiors. That doesn’t mean we aren’t into the drama associated with the occasional cat fight or drink in the face (I’m kidding!), it’s just that we REALLY like color, texture, unusual combinations, etc. A dramatic space may be intimidating to some but, believe me, you can pull it off too. Here are some of my favorite tips to get the bold and colorful bedroom we all love.

Image via Domino Magazine. Design by Katie Rosenfeld

Get painting!

One of the easiest ways to make a bold move when it comes to your interiors is by painting a statement accent wall. If you want to get a little wild, don’t hold back when it comes to color—the bolder the better. Bold doesn’t necessarily mean colorful. Black, charcoal, and navy will add a ton of drama without adding too much color.

I love the bold contrasting colors of this room

Image via House Beautiful UK


I love the royal blue accent wall

Image via Koket

Earthy tones go bold

Image via Bete Abode

Add lots of Texture.

I’m a huge fan of texture, so much so that I don’t think you can have too much of it. Get the texture your space has been craving by throwing in faux sheepskin, woven elements, metal, wood, glass, and more. In the image below the holes in the nightstand, pattern on the wicker basket, and tufting on the headboard all count as texture. These little details are important and will make even the most monochromatic space incredibly interesting.

Image via Duncan Innes via Homestyle Magazine




























Image via Pinterest


Combine Patterns.

Sometimes the best way to make patterns work is by laying them. One way to keep this eclectic look cohesive is by sticking to a color palette (even if that palette is nearly every color) and by keeping things symmetrical.

The patterned wallpaper adds tons of drama

Image via Pinterest


Image via Tumbler



Use contrasting colors

Contrasting colors are opposites (or close to it) on the color scale, and look so interesting when paired together. Typically your “primary” accent color should be used for about 65% of the accents, and the secondary color for 35% of the accents in the space, while keeping the key items, like the bedding and furniture, neutral. This, however, does not apply to every case, such as the second space below.

Such a bold and colorful bedroom

; Image via Adore Magazine


Image via Maggie Overby Studios

When in doubt, use wallpaper.

If you want drama and don’t know where to start, just seek out some awesome wallpaper. There’s nothing quite like a wall completely covered in an amazing pattern or giant florals. When you have the drama from the wallpaper, decorating is so much easier because everything else can stay pretty simple. Don’t know where to get great paper?? Chasing PaperFarrow and Ball, Bien Fait, Designers Guild,  Anthropologie, and  Eskayel, are some of my favorites.


Image via Preciously Me


Image Via Hampton Manor


Use unusually large artwork

One of the most bizarre, yet interesting elements in design is an unusual play on proportion. Objects that are unusually large or small tend to stand out and even make things seem a little bit “off.”  I love this look because it’s so bold and so daring. It makes a major statement and it’s worth a try.

Image via Tamara Magel


Image via House Beautiful UK

Well there you have it! I hope your feeling extra inspired to steal these bold and colorful bedroom ideas! Let me know what you come up with in your own space!


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