The “Weekly” Edit

Hello and happy holidays!  I’m a bit late on this due to family, food, and drink overload,  but still want to recognize what a great time of year this is, especially with a little one who finally knows a thing or two about the holidays. We’ve had so much fun watching Christmas movies, decorating the tree, and visiting with  the family. BUT  I’m secretly glad the holidays are behind us and we will be moving into the new year in the next couple days. That means going back to Austin and back to reality which I’m pretty happy about. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I hope you have a fantastic new year. So onto the weekly edit… I’m obviously so delayed on this, but here are a few things I’ve read, discovered, enjoyed, etc these last few weeks…

Lets start off with a random side note.. . This is my Grandma Ginny’s bedroom. She’s pretty cool and her room shows it. She collects a TON of Mexican pottery. She’s an anthropologist and a religious studies professor.  She also hand painted a few of these throw pillows.


1. Have you heard the AMAZING news about coffee? Apparently we can all drink a lot of it! ACTUALLY don’t take my advice on this…maybe talk to your doctor first… but read this article!!! It’s what all us coffee drinkers have been waiting for!

2. Check out these bags!!!

These bags are so cute! They’re apparently reproductions of some old school Japanese handbag.  I just got one in tortoise shell and it’s so versatile and so fun and I get zillions of compliments on it.

3. After you binge on treats this holiday season, make this soup! It’s my winter favorite.

4. Finally, if your skin is getting dry from the cold weather you have to try the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Moroccan oil. It’s AMAZING. it’s so hydrating, smells so good, and doesn’t cause my skin to break out. And it’s like $12.


I hope you all have the merriest holiday season and the happiest new year!


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