8 Tips and Tricks to Create a Fabulous Coffee Table

Hello, hello! I want to talk coffee tables. Mediocre coffee table decor is so common that it’s as if the coffee table is meant to be a single catch all for everything is the house. But, your coffee table is pretty much the focal of the living room, so the decor is actually super important. It’s easy to create a mismoshed mess, and it’s easy to avoid decorating it at all, but  both should be avoided. Here are my tips and tricks to fabulous coffee table decor.

Select the right decor

Coffee table books, candles, a vase of flowers, unique/ funky/ playful decorative objects, and a catch all are my favorite coffee table decor items. When selecting items be sure to vary the size, height, and shape.

Fabulous Coffee Table Decor

Divide your coffee table into segments

This simple trick allows you to distribute your decor evenly and in proportion with the size and shape of your table. The key is to decorate each section equally.

If your table is a square or circle, divide it into a square grid with 4 equal sections

If your table is an oval or rectangle, divide it into 2, 3, or 4 equal sections

Divide your Table into Segments

Use contrasting colors and mediums

So, if you have a natural wood coffee table in 99% of cases your decor shouldn’t be natural wood too. Add in color as well as different mediums like metal and glass. This will bring more attention to your well thought out decor.

Fabulous Coffee Table Decor- Use colors that contrast your table



Create a vignette in a large catch all

If your table is square or round use a square or round tray. If its rectangular, use a rectangular shaped tray. Also, be sure to vary the height, size, and shape of the decor within the tray.


Disperse your decor throughout

Coffee table decor should be towards the center of the table so the perimeter is empty. That way there’s room for drinks and feet. While keeping this in mind, try to use the same amount of decor in each segment. So,  a square or circular table will have decor in the very center, and a rectangular table will have a somewhat elongated display.

Fabulous Coffee Table Decor



 Center a single vase or low planter

This is a great go to look if you want something simple and easy. Be sure the arrangement isn’t too tall, otherwise it can difficult to see the television and company during a get together. Don’t hesitate to ground the display by placing it on top of a tray or stack of books.


Stack books and top them with small decorative items

A fun piece of decor on top of a stack of books is like the sprinkles on top of an ice cream sunday- they add a little pizazz to the goods beneath. Small decorative items can get lost is the bustle, but placing them on top of books give them prominence and height.

Include something fun

I truelly believe that every home should include multiple playful elements. It makes your home a happy place. It makes it laid back, interesting, and it brings you back to your childhood. The coffee table is the perfect place to display something like this because everyone will see it. This could include a fun decorative object like my favorite (faux) Koon dog or a really cool decorative game like tic tac toe, jenga or checkers. Maybe even a decorative deck of cards. These are always great conversation starters, and the games give guests an activity when your prepping for a dinner party.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post AND I hope it inspires you to amp up your coffee table! Send me a pic of your fabulous coffee table decor!


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