6 Ways to Create a Stunning Dining Room Centerpiece

The Centerpiece is a main focal in the dining room, and can be such a pain to get right. Sometimes it’s even difficult to figure out where to begin, because there are literally zillions of options.  There are three things to keep in mind when designing a centerpiece, and anything else. First is mood- You want all aspects of your space to reflect the mood you’ve created within the space. So, if you have a light, happy space, put bright flowers on your centerpiece. If it’s a dark and moody room, use a collection of vintage brass candles, or maybe some deep purple flowers in a dark vase. Second is harmony-Make sure the style of your centerpiece is harmonious in with the style of the rest of the space. Third is function-don’t put a giant centerpiece on the table that’s too heavy to move. You won’t ever be able to talk to your guests, and you may not even have enough space for serving dishes. Keeping those rules in mind, let’s dive right into my go to guide to creating a stunning dining room centerpiece.

Image via Elle Decor


1. Display a cohesive collection

This could be anything from a small collection of vases, to your favorite candlesticks, or even a glass sphere collection like the third image below. I suggest keeping the collection cohesive in size, shape, or style, but not all three-mix it up somehow. Collections always bring more attention when displayed together, so what better way to give your collection the attention it deserves by displaying it on your dining table?

Design by Nate Berkus


Image via Design Sponge. PC Daniela Exley

Image via Nuevo Estilo


2. Center a single large vase and load it with flowers or greenery

Flowers are ALWAYS a winning item and you can’t go wrong displaying a beautiful bouquet on your dining table. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to play around with the types of flowers you display, and the way in which you display them. So one week you can go for an unruly English garden vibe, and the next a tightly packed bunch of hot pink and coral roses.

A large vase overloaded with flowers is a great centerpiece option

Image via The Daily Mail. PC Catherine Gratwicke



Image via Why-I-Design

These are a few of my favorite statement vases:


3. Create an organized row

Make a straight row of vases, large candle holders, or planters.  I like this best when the decor is relatively large. It creates a major statement while remaining simple and cohesive.

Create a row of similar items

Image via Decor 8


Image via The Glitter Guide. PC Cooper Carras


Image via Home Polish. PC Tessa Neustadt


4. Display a large, interesting object

I love the idea of a giant bust, or unique sculpture adorning a dining table. If you have a fun, quirky piece of decor like that, it deserves to be in the spotlight.


Use one funky object to create a Stunning dining room centerpiece

Photo Credit: Morton Holtum


5. Compose a vignette with items you love

I absolutely love to create vignettes, but when displaying them as a centerpiece be sure to anchor the display with a large tray. If it were me, I’d include I vase of flowers, maybe a candle, some cute little salt and pepper shakers, coasters, or an adorable butter dish. The options are truly endless, but I like the idea of making it at least somewhat relevant to mealtime.




6. Give the chandelier ALL the attention

If you have a stunning chandelier you want to showcase, just minimize or forgo the centerpiece. This way all the attention will go to your amazing fixture.

Image via Behance and Kraftek Studio


Image via Eklund

Here are some of my favorite chandeliers:

Alright you guys, I hope this guide helped. As always, let me know if this inspired you to mix up your centerpiece. And don’t forget to send pics!


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