The Weekly Edit

Maybe I was wrong when I said every week is too much for the weekly edit. I keep finding random items I want to share with you, so this “weekly” edit came a long a lot sooner than expected…Hopefully we find similar things “interesting.” Enjoy!


The other night Jennifer Lawrence took over Jimmy Fallon’s  duties on Jimmy Fallon Live, and she GRILLS Kim Kardashian, and it’s in a good way! It’s fabulous, and Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious, and you can see it here!

Are you one of those girls (or guys) who’s completely obsessed with lip balm? Are you Iike me and you’ve been addicted to it for the last 2 decades, always striving to find that PERFECT Balm that keeps your lips hydrated ALL. DAY. LONG? Well stop your search. All you need is Amore Pacific’s Moisture Bound Lip Treatment. It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used!

Did you know that a flying creature the size of a plane was just discovered in Mongolias Gobi Desert? Crazy huh?? Now it’s hanging in a museum here in Austin, Texas and I want to see it NOW!

You know how wall hangings are all the rage?? Well have you seen these Telares Wall Hangings from Cosa Buena? They are so pretty, AND provide income to artisans in Chile.

Until next time Y’all!’

(Oh, and Happy Saturday! I hope you all drink and eat and make wise choices!)



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