DIY Tassel Earrings

Hi you guys! I’m so excited about these jewelry tutorials, and I think these DIY tassel earrings are the perfect place to start. They’re so cute, and simple to make. I added links to everything you need to make these little guys. Also, I lied and said they cost $12 to make. It’s closer to $20, plus the wire and tools, especially if you want to use gemstones. SORRY, but I PROMISE they’ll be worth it!

Now let’s get crafting…

Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to make these DIY Tassel Earrings:

(Oh, and did I mention they make the perfect holiday gift??)

This is my favorite shop to find the cutest earring posts. This link will connect you directly to their selection of posts.

This is where I get to the cutest triple tiered tassels

You can choose any stone you like, but I recommend a bead approximately 10mm in diameter. Here are a few options, but you can always search for “10mm gemstones, wooden beads, crystal beads, etc” on Etsy. Your bead selection will depend on the colors you choose to use. Hint: choose your tassels first!

1. Amethyst

2. Pyrite

3. Aquamarine

This is some of my favorite wire for wire wrapping. Choose 22-26 gauge wire.

And this is a great jewelry making tool kit

Let me reiterate again…Make these and send me pics! I’d love nothing more than to see all your creations!

Oh, and if you don’t want to make them, all my earrings are for sale in the shop!



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