7 Simple Ways to Amp-up Your Space

Have you ever lived in a home and just felt like the decor isn’t quite right? You feel like it just needs something more, but it’s so hard to put your finger on what “more” actually is, so you usually end up over accessorizing, or doing absolutely nothing because you don’t know where to start. I was thinking about this conundrum and came up with a few quick solutions. These are my 7 simple ways to amp-up your space:

Add Fresh Flowers

7 Simple Ways to Amp-up Your Space: add fresh flowers

Image via The Design Files PC Eve Wilson

There’s something about fresh flowers that immediately transforms a space.  They literally ALWAYS look good, and they add a sort of happiness to the space. Trader Joe’s has a fabulous selection of fresh flowers at a very reasonable price point. If you just don’t want to maintain fresh flowers, faux flowers can (sort-of) do the trick too.

Spruce Up Your Sofa (or Bed)

I love how the geometric black and white pillows tie in with the statement wall art

PC Shannon Claire

Nothing ties a room together like a nice mix of throw pillows.  The easiest way to decide which ones to use is by pulling the colors from a focal item in the room, such as a piece of wall art or a prominent upholstery fabric. If your room is monochromatic, don’t swap up the colors, just focus on adding lots of texture.

7 Simple Ways to Amp-up Your Space: well curated throw pillows

Image via Fenton & Fenton

Hang Statement Art

PC Leah O’Neill of Bete Abode

A statement piece of art, or a gallery wall composed of smaller items, is pretty much a must have for any room. The art will anchor the room, and can identify what color scheme you choose. Try placing the art on the focal wall, which is usually the wall you see when you walk into the room. If that doesn’t work, it will look just as nice over the bed, dresser, or sofa. Minted and Anewall have amazing prints that start around $20. Serena and Lily, Fenton and Fenton, Z Gallery and Scout Design Studio have incredible statement art as well.

Spruce up your Centerpiece

I love to use flowers, candles, coffee table books, and a catch all tray as my centerpiece

Image via Home & Fabulous

I love switching up my centerpiece because it gives the room a fresh new look. The centerpiece is meant to make a statement, so don’t hold back.  I love decorating my coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers, a candle, coffee table books, decorative objects, and/ or a catch all tray. I usually use a single large statement object or vase on the dining table.

Here are some great centerpiece options:

Image via The Decorista

Add a Bold Accent Wall

PC House Of Brinson

An accent wall is an easy way to add a bold statement to a room. It adds immediate interest to the space, and color and wallpaper options are never ending. Yes, wallpaper can be expensive, but paint is not, and even an amateur can do a good job painting an accent wall with the right tools and a little bit of patience.

Install a Chandelier

One of 7 simple ways to amp-up your space: Add a chandelier

Image via Decor Demon. Styled by Scott Laslie

If you feel like your space needs a little oomph, add a chandelier. One of my favorite design tricks is to bring the eye to the ceiling, and a statement chandelier or a group of pendants can do just that. Chandeliers look good in just about any space, whether it’s a luxurious closet or a casual dining room, so you really can’t go wrong.

Image via D Magazine. Design by Martensen Jones Interiors



Top it off with Houseplants

PC Jonas Gustavvson

The benefits of houseplants go well beyond their physical appearance. Yes, they are one of my favorite decorative items, but they also scrub the air of toxins, and help create a feeling of tranquility. You cannot go wrong with houseplants. I honestly don’t even bother going to a nursery, because Home Depot has a fabulous selection of indoor plants, and they start around $12 a pop. And, if you want more plant inspo….



As always, I hope you enjoyed my 7 simple ways to amp-up your space! Let me know if this inspires any decorating around your home!


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