The Weekly Edit- A Few Things You Might Like to Know

So, we all know this has not been a good week. Between the shootings in Las Vegas, current devastation caused by a multitude of natural disasters, the death of the American Legend, Tom Petty (I’m sorry to include that among mass devastation, but he really was amazing), and the fact that we are at the brink of war with North Korea, this week has not been good for a lot of people.

We always have the opportunity to find light in the little things, even when we are surrounded by chaos…a new book or great new album, good food, a fun new makeup product, or an interesting article. That’s what this edit is about. I’m not brushing the bad under the rug. This is just a light hearted place and always will be among the midst of FOX News and CNN. (Not to compare this site to those major media outlets. That’s like comparing a fly to an elephant, but that’s not the point). Life’s not all bad, so here’s to the little things.

I’m so excited because I am reading my very favorite book for the third time. It is a bit long, but totally worth it.

Forget Spring cleaning, If you’re interested in some highly effective Fall cleaning check this out.

I wouldn’t believe you if you told me I’d love Kesha’s new album a year ago, but it’s fantastic. You must give it a listen.

Do you need some inspiration from the most inspiring ladies?

Have you friend Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick? I love everything about them, especially the fact that the colors are fab and they’re $12 each.

Take a look into the life of two single moms’ from the eye of a photographer

I hope you all have a nice week, and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see on next week’s edit!



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