A Peek into our Master Bedroom

About a year ago I told you a little bit about my plans to redo our master bedroom, but didn’t get a chance to show the final product. I started the planning while in interior design school, and used the bedroom design as part of my final project. The room ended up being pretty much just as I’d originally envisioned it, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. If you’ve perused this blog long enough, you may have noticed that our house has a lot of pink, flowers, and girly patterns going on. I wanted our master bedroom to be a little more like a serene, globally inspired, cave rather than a five-year-old girl’s playground, so I knew that I wanted to paint the entire room, including the ceiling, a dark hue in order to get the cave-like feel. I realize wanting my room to feel like a cave sounds crazy, but it was just my vision for the space. Whatever. Anyways, I ended up selecting the color Chinchilla by Sherwin Williams. I reduced the depth to 70% for the walls, and 40% for the ceiling, because my husband and everyone else who felt like giving an opinion was basically terrified by the thought of painting the ceiling pretty much black. I think the paint color looks awesome, and, looking back, it would have been perfectly fine going full force Chinchilla, rather than lightening the shade at all. Just a note, this may because this room gets a ton of light.

In order to get the eclectic cave vibe I wanted, I focused a lot on texture and mixing in natural and feminine elements to counter the masculine components throughout. The dark wood, cowhide lamp shades, and faux sheepskin throw added a very masculine feel, and were the perfect juxtaposition to the femininity of the floral-like embroidered quilt, arched headboard, crystal chandelier, and brushed nickel accents throughout.

To get a good eclectic vibe going you need more than just a juxtaposition. The room needs a good amount of varying elements, as well as varying textures. So in this case I incorporated a global/ I’m really smart and well traveled feel by adding in stacks of books over the dresser and under Sean’s nightstand. (Actually, I just like to read, thus like to have easy access to books. I also love the look of stacked books). The Moroccan wedding pillows, and canister from indonesia also contributed to the global feel of the space. You may notice that the room also has a bit of a southwest vibe, which is something incorporated into a lot of my designs. It’s kind of engrained in me due to my Arizona roots, but I also think there is something very calming and rich about this type of decor. So the bedroom has some of these elements, like the horses throughout, the distressed dresser, and cowhide lamp shades. Typically, the more variation, the more eclectic a space will be. I didn’t want to go overboard because I wanted the room to remain serene. However, once the room was finished I realized it needed a little pop of color, so I added this giant patterned pillow from anthropologie, and it rounded out the room really well.

So there you go. That’s our master bedroom. I love it and definitely think that most of these items will be kept for a very long time, if not forever. I hope you all enjoyed the post and have the loveliest of weekends!



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