The Most Incredible Wallpaper– On The Ceiling!

Every room should make some kind of statement, and wallpapering a ceiling may be one of the best ways to make an extreme statement without making it too busy. At this point in life, ceilings are as neglected as a feral cat and I’m thinking this needs to change IMMEDIATELY (for the ceilings and the cats)! I love wallpaper, especially patterned wallpaper, but when you add a big design to a whole wall or entire room it is pretty easy to make your beautiful space a little more cluttered than you’d hoped. BUT, when you Cover the ceiling with incredible wallpaper you avoid the clutter because nothing, besides a couple air vents and (hopefully) a fab chandelier, sits against it. Read on to see this trend in action!


I love this dining room. I find it interesting that the entire room is composed of straight lines and neutral hues, yet the ceiling is covered in a wallpaper with curved lines and lots of colors. It adds a nice contrast to the simple lines throughout the rest of the space.

Image Via Domino Magazine

This space is so so fresh and pretty. The contrast of black, white, and gold and intentional use of mixed metals is fabulous, plus the spotted ceiling is such a fun element of surprise. This room makes me want to bring up a side-point: It’s common to think that the metal throughout a home should be the same. This can be true and definitely an easy way to keep things cohesive, BUT, I do think it’s a great idea to mix things up and use brushed nickel or chrome throughout and add in a statement brass Chandelier. It keeps things interesting and fun.

Image via Habitation Co


The Art Deco style wallpaper on the ceiling is a fabulous statement, and the brass chandelier and velvet upholstered chair add a fun pop of color. Notice the brushed nickel hardware and statement brass chandelier??!

I love the goldfish wallpaper in this bathroom. If you are a bit nervous of bold wallpaper, put it in a powder room.

Image via Pink House Living

The gold fish and gold hardware are so much fun in this amazing bathroom by Emily Murray of the Pink House Blog. In fact, if you get a chance you should check out her site. She has such fun taste and it exudes through her designs, and she’s hilarious.

A very modern streamlined room gets a jolt of pizazz with some incredible wallpaper on the ceiling

Image via D2 Interieurs Website

Gold, black and white are like peanut butter and jelly–perfect compliments. (Although in my mind gold goes with everything)

Image via Majeka House

Who doesn’t love a good floral print?? And better yet, this is in a hotel! I mean, that’s pretty sweet! Plus, the other rooms have wallpapered ceilings too! Besides the wallpaper, this room is kept pretty simple with a few pops of color, which allows the ceiling to take the lead.

Everything about this room is wild. I love the total clash of everything. When it all clashes it all makes sense.

Image via

This room is out of hand and I love it! I mean, so many colors, patterns, textures, and styles that all work together??!! Amen.

I love this kitchen, from the vintage and bohemian inspiration to the modern countertops. The incredible wallpaper on the ceiling makes it even batter.

Image via Decozilla

Yes, I love the spotted ceiling and the contemporary vibe it gives to this transitional room, but the light washed brick wall may be even better. The runner and vintage inspired (or is it actual vintage???) wall art is fab too. Overall, I’d like to take this kitchen home.

Design by Courtney Lake of Homepolish


Image via Colorado Homes and Lifestyle

The textured wallpaper is just so fresh and elegant in this modern glam bedroom. Plus, if you can live without a ceiling fan, a bedroom chandelier is a must, especially when it sits against a ceiling that looks like this!

Okay guys, If this has inspired you to give some love to your ceiling, here are some incredible wallpaper options that are sure to jazz up any room!


I hope you all enjoyed checking out this incredible wallpaper, and I hope you want to put wallpaper on your ceilings like I do after learning of this phenomenon. If you do it, please send me pics!



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