How to Accessorize Your Home Like a Pro

Accessorizing your home can be a bit of a nightmare. especially when you’re me. I LOVE stuff. I love having stuff around, I love layering stuff, mixing colorful knick knacks, creating sweet little vignettes…whatever. I over accessorize. So in my efforts to improve my skills I went on a little mission to seek out ways to decrease the amount of stuff I have hanging around, the to optimize everything else.

If you’re like me and you feel like you have too many things hanging around, clear it all out. Make three piles:

                          1. I HAVE to have this and I want everyone to see it- Keep these and display them

                          2. I can live without it-Donate these guys

                          3. I love it but it can come out for special occasions- Use these when you switch up your decor

Now Let’s Start Decorating!

Image from The Design Daredevil

1. The most common “rule” you will probably hear is to decorate in 3’s, 5’s, and 7’s. If you’re creating a vignette with three items, keep one item tall, one small, and the third somewhere in between. So and easy example is to use a small stack of books (these count as one item) with a tall-ish piece of art or photo behind, and an irregular shaped vase with flowers on the books. Feel free to add more items if necessary, but be sure to vary the size and shape of the items. Which brings us to point #2…

Decorate in odd numbers

Image via: Style me Pretty



2. The rule I live by is to play with size, proportion, and shape. This is so important as it makes a space interesting. It keeps the eye moving throughout a space. You can see how the designer of the image below kept this wall space symetrical, but added a ton of different shapes and large elements of decor. The symetry of the decor keeps the busy space cohesive. The interesting thing about the second image is that everything in it is pretty big–the dresser, art, pendant light, and then everything that’s not big is really really small. It’s different but interesting.
This busy wall is more cohesive due to the symmetry of decor


Image via: The Zoe Report

3. Play with color and texture!! This is so important. I always feel like a monochromatic color scheme calls for extra use of texture. These guys did it well with the ridged console, woven bench, and amazing white vases. A little more color can usually call for a little less variation in texture. You can see in the second image below how the coral and teal is carried throughout this cute vignette. The simple shapes of the vases and books, along with the wildness of the flowers is beautiful.

Neutral and monochromatic design usually requires more variation of texture

Image via: Sabon Home



4. Create Cohesive Collections. Composing your collections into a tight little bundle will bring them attention and will prevent cluttering your space.


Display your collections together

Image via: Domino Magazine


Image via: The Bohemian Flea Market

5. Use large accessories when decorating a focal point. Save smaller accessories for stacking and layering within vignettes.

The large scale art is balanced worth large accessories and smaller layered accessories

Image via: Always Summer


The large scale art is well balanced with large scale accessories

Image via: Veranda Magazine

I hope you enjoyed the post, and let me know if it inspired you to make any changes to your accessories!

xo, Leah

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