The Guide to Kitchen Backsplashes

Selecting an interior finish out is one of my favorite things to do. It is so satisfying to create a composition of materials that look beautiful on their own, but also make each other look even better. It’s kind of like the way your spouse or best friend can make YOU better. This is probably why I’m personifying tile and wood right now (lol). The flooring, cabinets, paint, and counters are the basics while the kitchen backsplash is like the giant cherry on top. It’s the glitz, the diamond necklace or chunky chandelier earrings. The only difference is these chandelier earrings need to look good all day, every day, no matter the occasion. The backsplash should represent its owner. For example, a woman (or man) with an extravagant, glamorous personality would probably like a shiny mother of pearl backsplash in an arabesque shape, while a low-key-yet-fashionable mother (or father) or 3 may prefer a matte subway tile laid out in an intricate pattern. Am I stereotyping right now?? Sorry!! If you forgive me read on and see some amazing backsplashes and a few tips along the way.

Choose something shiny like mother of pearl, glass,

stainless steel, or antique mirrors.

Image via New Ravena


Photo Credit: The Home Depot


Image Via Tile Bar

If you know me, you know this is what I love. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to get some glitz and glam in the kitchen. These tiles come isn a WIDE range of prices so it’s likely you can find something nice in your price point. Glass and mother of pearl are easy to clean. However, if you use stainless steel make sure you keep it dry. Otherwise you may have water marks over time.

Mix up the ever-so-popular subway tile by changing the shape, choosing an

unusual pattern, or simply using a colored grout.

Image via Design Sponge


Image via Neptune


Subway tile isn’t my first choice when it comes to a kitchen backsplash, but man is it poular. That’s why I included it. The benefit is that subway tile is inexpensive and can be laid in a variety of fun patterns. It also comes in an array of colors and shapes. You can even get beveled and matte versions, which is kind of cool. It may also be the perfect backsplash if you’re going for the farmhouse aesthetic.

Use marble. It’s on trend, but totally timeless.

Image via Old Seagrove Homes

Image via Home bunch. Design by Gretchen Black. Photo Credit: Tim Furlong


Image via Wendy Word Design

Marble is clean and so classic. You have two main types: Calacatta marble, and Carrera Marble. Calacutta marble typically has wide, gray, wave like veining on a white base and is considered a luxury stone. Carrera is more plentiful than Calacatta and typically has smaller veining and includes gray and beige tones. Both are beautiful and make wonderful backsplashes. The downside is they can be expensive and stain easily. This isn’t typically a problem for a backsplash, you just wouldn’t want to use it on your kitchen countertops.

Painted tiles are classic AND make a bold statement.

Image Via Lisa Mende Design Website


Image via Granada Tile


Image via Emily Henderson

I absolutely adore these decorative tiles. They make such a bold statement and are perfect for the farmhouse look. The colors and patterns are basically endless, and many sites allow you to customize the color combinations. Click HERE for a great source of decorative cement tiles. No, i am not paid for this!

Wallpaper that Sh#@!!

Image via House & Home. Photo Credit: Michael Graydon.


Image via Better Homes and Gardens


Image via Apartment Therapy. Photo Credit: Anna Spaller

Wallpaper is such a fun and inexpensive backsplash option. Even expensive wallpaper won’t necesarily break the bank because you don’t need a lot. However, I recommend adding a layer of glass or plexiglass on top to protect it from all the crud that splashes around the kitchen. Or you can choose a temporary vinyl wallpaper or head over to Graham and Brown and check out their “Splash Proof” wallpaper, which apparently doesn’t succumb to heat and food stains the way others might.

 Use Bold Colors

Image via The Jungalow


Image via Leroy Merlin.


Image via Wit and Delight. Photo Credit: 2nd Truth.


Or if you want to get real wild… customize your own colorful (or not so colorful) backsplash.

Image via Oceanside Glasstile


Image via New Ravena

Oceanside Glasstile is one company that allows you to customize the color and design of your tile. We did this for our hall bath and it turned out beautiful!

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