How to Personalize Your Place

When I’m designing a home it is so important that I make the space reflective of the person, or persons,  living there. The home should tell a story about them, and when it does, it becomes a wonderful place for them to be. One of the best ways to tell this story is by creating multiple vignettes throughout the home. Vignettes are basically displays of objects placed together. They can be composed of anything from an entire collection of ceramics, to a few of you favorite keepsakes from your travels. They can be found in the entryway, on the coffee table, in a nook or corner, or on a small tray in the master bath. Here are some of my favorite vignettes along with a few tips on how to create one:

Image via David Jimenez, Apartment Therapy

Interior stylist, Emily Henderson has a perfect method to decorate a vignette: Choose something vertical, like a piece of art or lamps, something horizontal, like the stack of books, and something sculptural like the collection of vases or the bold wall decor. The structural item should have more of an organic feel and will allow the eye to transition from the vertical to the horizontal piece.

Design by Alex MacArthur Interiors. Photo via Kotomi_ on Flickr


Image Via Fenton & Fenton

The way the designers played with color, texture, and layers here is just wonderful. I absolutely love the bone inlay trays which you can purchase here.

Image via Swoon Worthy

Here’s a perfect example of an even more perfect coffee table vignette. Yes, I said nothing should be perfect, but this is just so pretty.

Photo and Design via Benjamin Vandiver Interiors & Lifestyle

Play with dimension and height like Designer Benjamin Vandiver did here. The tall torso and small accessories surrounding it create such an interesting play on dimension.

When creating a vignette, try to move the viewers’ eye up. The placement of the small (ish) chinoiserie vases, then the taller lamps, and finally the very tall, ornate gold mirror carry the eye to the ceiling.

Image via

Layers add interest, so be sure to place objects side by side AND in front of each other as was done here with the wide assortment of plants and succulents.

Photo and Design via Justina Blakeney, Front & Main


Image Via Chronicles of Frivolity

It’s as easy as a simple collection on your coffee table. If you take this route (which you should) a tray will make your assorted items look like a fabulous collection.

I hope you enjoyed it!!

xx, Leah

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