Decorating with Houseplants

I love decorating with houseplants because they are so pretty and pack a punch in style.  Studies are mounting claiming their health benefits. Interior pollution can be one of the worst types, and extensive studies done by NASA have shown that houseplants are vital to scrubbing the air clean of pollutants. Other studies have shown that they can decrease the chance of illnesses such as the common cold, and can boost the healing process. They can apparently help work performance AND reduce stress too! Despite the amazing benefits, these are the real reasons I love decorating with houseplants:


This room has so many AMAZING elements- the gold fireplace, the fabulous area rug, the eclectic gallery wall, and THOSE PLANTS!!! It is so cool how they drape from the banister. Notice how some of the plants shoot straight up to the ceiling in sharp angles, while some gracefully fall to the floor. The contradiction adds so much interest. Note to self if I ever live in a 2-story.

The massive variation is shape and size make them so perfect for layering, so why not treat your houseplants as a collection and group them together??

Just a couple weeks ago I was perusing the gardening section of Home Depot (which is one of my favorite ways to spend an hour) and THESE caught my eye. I grew up in Tucson, surrounded by cactus, but I’d never seen anything like this! These little guys are so cute, so small, and packed with the most incredible colors. I’d have displays of these all over my house if it weren’t for the baby girl.


A massive Daisy Anemone in the dining room??? Yes, please!

Drawers as planters?? Yes, yes, yes!!!


Face planters are so much fun to use in your home

And you can’t forget the adorable face planters. this little lady is from Anthropologie, but you can find them all over!

Decorating with houseplants can transform your space, and it can be so rewarding. It’s such an awesome thing to see your little guys growing and thriving! If you don’t have plants yet, I hope this inspires you to get planting!



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  • Reply
    April 30, 2017 at 5:43 am

    I love all of these homes with plants! I kill all of mine somehow and even the ones everyone says are easy. It’s really a skill lol. But these are so pretty, I will have to try again!

    • Reply
      Leah O'Neill
      June 15, 2017 at 6:33 pm

      I know how you feel! I recently started planted succulants and they have been the easiest to maintain yet. I included a link in the article about plant care so take a look!

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