The Darkest Room

Recently, I have seen amazing dark rooms popping up all over the place. The walls are black, navy, the deepest mauve, and they are oh so pretty. They are also bold, dramatic, romantic, moody and sultry. They are so many things that you can’t really create unless you choose to have dark walls. I love them. If you are considering going dark, but it seems super scary, start with an accent wall, or gradually go darker. Here are some of my favorite dark spaces:

I am so in love with the way the black and gold play off one another in this room. The cherry blossoms are so on point. I love the color, size, and shape. The room would make such a different statement if these were small vases full of white flowers, don’t you think? Image courtesy of The Decorista

Get the look:

The matte black walls plus wine, fuchsia, and blush accents are to die for. Photo Credit to Mike Baker, Styled by Heather Nette King. Well done!



Color Pallette:

Navy is a great interior paint color option if you want to want to be slightly more subtle, plus have more flexibility with you’re decor. Navy is like beige- it goes with just about everything. Rather than screaming “glam,” it calls for much more natural elements- natural wood, interesting textiles, faux fur–a real earthy, global feel. Here’s some of my favorites:

I love how Australia-based interior designer, Anna Spiro, included such beautiful, natural elements in her navy blue room. The gallery wall composed of different floral paintings is on point.                                  Homelife. PC: Jared Fowler


These walls go a little more teal, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s so masculine and so feminine at the same time. Image credit: Rue Magazine



If you are thinking about making the move to navy, here are some of my top navy interior paint colors:


Get the Look:

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