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I’m doing this post, 1 bedroom/ 5 ways because I want to show you how versatile a space can be…and because I was having so much fun designing these rooms. The point is that no matter where you live, it is possible to allow your style to come through. If your space is not as large, bright, and simple as this fancy bedroom, you will just have to get creative. And, you can always ask me questions on the comment section below. Carrying on, although there are five rooms here, I’d like to keep this as brief as possible so as not to bore you too much. So let’s get started.

When I’m designing a room it’s important for me to have some source of inspiration- something the room design will be based around. If you have an existing item that you love, and it must go in the room, that’s a great place to start. if not, a great option is the duvet, or a painting that will play a big role in the room, like the bird in the third image below.  If you have no clue, find a fabric you LOVE and turn it into curtains or a duvet, then go from there. I based the above room around the fabulous suzani throw blanket. I love the colors and the geometric pattern, so I decided to emphasize both features throughout. The blanket created the color scheme for the room, which is obviously black, white , and fuchsia. Some kind of metal accent is always a good idea, so I went with gold (because it’s my favorite).  The headboard has a funky geometric pattern consistent with the suzani, which is why it was the winner. Finally, I wanted to add some interest (and quirky-ness) by using completely mismatching bedside tables and accessories. This is always a “go” in my book. Just be sure both sides have the same visual weight, meaning they both make similar statements. Keeping the height of the lamps or accessories comparable is usually a good thing too. For example, If the floor lamp on the right side was removed, it would look off because the sides would no longer have the same visual weight. Got it?

I started with the bed when designing the room above. The bed is so organic, simple, and clean, so I kept that consistency throughout the room. The color scheme is simple as well, with navy and neutral tones. The motifs on the pillows and pouf ottomans carry the color scheme with clean, straight lines, while the throw blanket and wall art  both share rounded patterns. The intentional difference is pattern adds instant interest to the space. Imagine if the wall art and throw blanket had straight lines as well. The room may not be as visually appealing. Finally, The plants bring life into the room, so they are a great finishing touch.

This is one of my favorite rooms in this segment. The bird photograph over the bed is the  statement in the room, so I let it take over and kept everything else pretty basic. The image is primarily black and white, so I carried those colors throughout, and added a few light pink accents. The pendant lights over the nightstands are a staple, because the interesting shape, and stark white color give them a boldness to compete–and accentuate– the bird art. They enhance the statement made on that side of the room. In order to create balance, a few other simple, yet bold accessories were carried throughout the room, such as the the striped pillow, pouf ottomans, and metal and fabric chair. These all maintain a pattern of straight lines, and black and white hues.

If you’re creating an elegant room, a monochromatic color scheme is a great way to get there. Just be sure to play up the textures. For example, you can see that the bed has 3 different types of pillows, all with a different fabric.  The fur throw adds another glamorous touch, and the table lamps have a great texture to them. I added a neutral patterned bench at the end of the bed to add interest, and to balance the wall art on either side of the bed.

Yay, here is the final room. I started this room with the iron bed and wall gallery around it, particularly the large painting on the left side. I think there are two rules that make curating a wall gallery much easier: keep the artwork cohesive, and maintain balance throughout. This does not mean you can’t go wild with color and dimension–you can. It’s just a little more difficult to put together. Anyways,  the wall gallery here is primarily made up of gold and black, with white and aqua accents. The color is maintained throughout, and balanced (as in the colors are evenly distributed throughout). The gallery is also balanced in dimension. if you draw a vertical line down the center of the gallery (the gold woman on a white background…and, yes, it could potentially be a man), you can see that the size of the artwork is pretty much the same on the left and the right. One last thing, if you have small bedside tables, it’s always fun to add pendants, like the black ones shown here. This way you get ample light, and you still have space left on the side tables. Win-win.

Phew, end of post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I did!



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